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My first impressions
First test with CentiLeo for Cinema4D R24
Good morning
sorry my bad english i'm using the translator.
Congratulations on this great engine.
This is a simple test with cinema4dR24 and a small Nvidia GTX 1060 6MB
I am very satisfied with the final result. I will continue to test it further until the end.
Great product.

16 iterations
5 clamp direct
5 clamp indirect
12 ray bounce.
Time to render: 20 min
Edited: raulc4d - Aug 20, 2022 11:22
Administrator  Posts: 855
Aug 20, 2022 14:46
Hi Raul, welcome to CentiLeo forum! Thanks for message! Actually a new release with great improvements will be released very soon, so stay tuned
CentiLeo Chat:
Hi...wooow great.
Little work to study shader...
My personal consideration?

I find this engine very fast in the final result
if you take into account that I have a small gtx 1060
these images render them in less than 2 min
06 - woodland.jpg (231.55 Kb)
Administrator  Posts: 855
Aug 23, 2022 09:26
Oh, but it's a simple scene :)
CentiLeo Chat:
Forgive the enthusiasm but this engine is really fast and when you understand how to use it, everything can be done in a short time.
I also have other render engines.
But not so fast and with an excellent yield with few resources for the litle gpu.
Kirgman? thanks to you and your staff if you are more than one person for this small and powerful jewel.
By from Italy...
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