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The phenomenon of cpu utilization in version 0.65
In the picture, we can see that when rendering with 0.65, there may be insufficient CPU utilization for the support of two or more CPUs. When rendering in the picture, only CPU2 is working, and the efficiency of CPU1 is hardly brought into play. If the new version can support multi-cpu multi-core multi-thread, I think it will be a qualitative leap,

Compared with 0.64, the current rendering speed has been greatly improved. This is really exciting, and it is already very good.
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Nov 24, 2022 07:22
Hi coooooolin, thank you! Actually the current CentiLeo architecture doesn't use dual CPU at all, we however can use multiple GPUs in the system, there can be a lot of them. But they become so fat, and I can fit only 2xRTX 3080 to my PC.
The CPU is used only to read the files, scene objects at rendering launch, and it's using several threads and multiple GPU too.
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