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Status of preparing CentiLeo 0.45 alpha
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Nov 18, 2016 10:31
Hello everyone!

For those curious in status of development of CentiLeo 0.45 we can report:

Done features:

1) "Light pass blender" and "Beauty pass blender" - these are 2 new AOVs wherein you can change the lighting based on scaling the light passes realtime without re-rendering. Similar to LightMixer of Corona and Multi-Light of Maxwell.
2) Visibility settings per light source now have not only checboxes (enabled/disabled light) but also the scale and color factors for each material layer. It simply gives more freedom.
3) Few improvements for GI solver. That our adaptive GI solver is now a little bit more clever attacking most noisy areas even earlier.
4) Each render iteration is around 10% faster.
5) Several bugfixes. Most recent is fixing scaling and combination issues inside the shaders for bump and normal maps.
6) Imrpoved the situation with lagging GUI when IPR is running.
7) Material GUI has now dedicated Reflection IOR (default 1.4)
8) Only CentiLeo for Max: changed material GUI adding Mix params between const and texture.

Yet to be finished:

1) Improve GI solver when there are a lot of light sources.
2) Want to automate this manual trick:
3) Shadow catcher.
4) Add that small few additions/fixes to plugins for 3ds Max and Cinema that were requested in respective 0.44 threads.

Working very hard to publish it soon. #3 and #4 are easy, but #1 and #2 may requre some effort.

Also want to say that adding support for Multi GPU and interactive ForestPack/RailClone/Multiscatter are postponed again and will go separate to this upcoming release because these features may change stability on the first release with them.
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Nov 21, 2016 20:18
One image demonstrates a 3 minute render performance with 136 light sources distributed randomly among planes which may block the light. The planes have glossy-diffuse materials in a dark environment.

Another image is shadow catcher which is implemented as a simple shader which is usefull to be attached to color of diffuse layer and even reflection layers. So reflections are supported.

Will wrap up current developed things for 0.45 and publish it. Other features go to further versions.
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Congrats !!
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