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Textures Fade Away
Disappearing bitmap textures
I've just resurrected an old model and have been updating my bitmap textures to find that as the IPR renders, the bitmaps disappear - they just render away to grey on my scene model. If its just a shader with no bitmap image included, they are just fine and render normally. It's only when I use an image in a material! What am I doing wrong or is it a bug?
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Jan 3, 2021 18:52
Hi Ron! Thanks for reporting the issue!
A lot of bitmaps and large bitmaps should be supported given some resonable GPU/CPU texture caches. Reasonable is something like 512MB for GPU / 4GB for CPU.
It's a bug, maybe I did it just recently. Please, help me fix it. Can you show the screenshot from IPR GPU Indicators like a panel at the bottom of the IPR? See example:
To open the panel you should right-click in IPR and enable "Toggle GPU Info".
What numbers are there for texture caches? A screen could be ok. And how many bitmaps are there in the scene? What is the resolution of HDR if it's used?

Hi Kirill
Thanks for the very speed reply. I've attached 3 screenshots. The issue where the bitmaps fade away appears only yo happen when using a HRDI image as a spherical environment map. If I refresh the cache, the texture reappears but the others disappear and visa versa for each bitmap. Currently there are only only 2 small bitmaps for the headlight and indicators.
The Hdr image is 14796 x 7398 at 320Mb. I didn't realise it so large an image! The problem is fixed by using a much smaller Hdr image as per image 3. All the textures remain unaffected. I must say Centileo is a really superb renderer. It's quality seems quite like Nvidia Iray 2.1 in it's speed but much easier to make materials for. I don't think anyone ever got there heads round Iray as the texture creation was so hard to understand. When Centileo is complete how much is it likely to cost? Finally could you direct me to some tutorials for Shadow Mapping and an up to date manual for the cinema version. This to me seems to be the one thing missing - tutorials.
Many thanks and a happy new year
Ron in the UK
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1.jpg (308.15 Kb)
3.jpg (422.58 Kb)
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Jan 4, 2021 18:03
Ron Walker wrote:
Finally could you direct me to some tutorials for Shadow Mapping and an up to date manual for the cinema version. This to me seems to be the one thing missing - tutorials.
Hi Ron! (hdrs are from
This sample shaderball has:
1) shadow matte material example, where the light sources (hdr light and 1 rectangle light) have shadow catcher weights in their centileo light tags. These shadow catcher weights determine the amount of shadow this light casts on the shadow matte material pn the ground plane.
2) Additionally the other hdr (a hdr for camera) has only one non-zero channel and it's for camera. When this hdr with non-zero channels appears first in the cinema object tree then it's non-zero channels override other hdrs below this hdr in the object tree. In this case a non-zero camera channel of the top hdr overrides camera channel of hdr below. But the hdr bellow has diffuse, reflection and other channels that are not overrided and they illuminate scene materials but have no effect for camera. Also you may toggle Alpha output or Transparent output channels in AOV tab of render settings to export respective shadow only images.
3) If you have R21-R23 then you can see in this scene a node material setup for metal material with colored flakes. Very simple to do and handy for car renders.

As for Manual/Tutorials.
They are started here: They have basic technical info + xparticles setup.
Actually it is a problem there are no docs for mateials / shaders although there are similarities to other renderers. At the moment I must accelerate CentiLeo with RTX and after that I can continue writting manual about materials and make a couple of presentations. More speed is needed because there are problems compared to others in many exterior scenes with not very complex lighting where other engines have RTX. While CentiLeo is currently very good for complex situations like out-of-core geometry, complex GI lighting in interiors or night shots or mesh lights or many lights.

They are to be determined yet. But actually need to reach 0.7 release. The prices will be similar to competitive products of similar features. Probably lower at the beginning when things are too sensitive.

Texture Fade away bug
This is a bug. The textures for some untested reason compete for their place in cache and one texture looses just everything. I have already seen this for extremelly low cache sizes in other much larger scene in 3ds Max and planned to fix it in some later future. But your caches are great with 700Mb on GPU and 4000Mb on CPU. It shouldn't act like this. So I will need to fix it in the most close release. Please, can you send me your scene in email or PM. With Cinema 4D quick launches I will be able to fix it faster.

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Jan 6, 2021 14:19
This is the similar setup for R20 and below Cinema versions. Not with node materials, but with old menu materials:
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Jan 6, 2021 15:39
Hi Ron, I have reproduced a bug, now working on it.

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